Postponement of "Amadexpo" logistics chain event

Since the mission of AmadExpo is to create a platform for developing and expanding the capabilities of Logistics industry in the region, not just holding an international even, we’ve decided to postpone AmadExpo to a later time, when the necessities of the mission (both in domestic capacity and internationally) are available, and reaching the goals is feasible.

Continuous delays and low probability of reaching to an agreement; regarding the “JCPOA”, and recent challenges in regional and global aspects (e.g., Russia-Ukraine War and new restrictions for Chinese citizens to travel abroad; due to Covid outbreak) cast a shadow on region’s business prospective. Thus, holding AmadExpo under these conditions will not fulfil its mission and its domestic and international goals.

For these reasons and despite all the spent resources and costs, while AmadExpo’s secretariat will continue to collaborate with domestic and international enterprises, we will wait for the suitable conditions to hold AmadExpo. We do hope in the nearest future, conditions will improve and AmadExpo will be held.



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